Feb 22, 2006

VoSky - The Skype enhancer

Everyone has heard of VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, the technology that lets users make cheap phone calls over the Internet. Chances are everyone have heard about Skype too, the program that allows users to make online calls to other users, now owned by eBay. Put two and two together and you can probably use Skype to make calls over the Internet to conventional phonelines, fixed and mobile. And that is exactly what the VoSky Call Centre does.

The Call Center comes for around $70. You can attach an ordinary fixed line phone and use it to make calls to regular phones over the Internet at a reduced rate, made possible by the SkypeOut service. You can always make free calls to other Skype users anyway.

It also lets you forward incoming Skype calls to your landline or mobile phone and even lets you know when another Skype user is online by ringing your phone. The Call Center connects to the USB port of the PC, meaning no external power source is required. The only people who will not be too happy about this technology is your phone company. Say goodbye to long distance phone bills.

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