Feb 14, 2006

The first anniversary

One year is not that long a period. However, in Internet time, it is eternity. And that is exactly how long this blog has been around. Wandering in Elysium is one year old today!

I didn't start off the blog as something that I would regularly update and maintain (and it hasn't been, I am afraid!). But then again, as all of you know, a blog is a precious little thing that you hold close to to your heart once you start one. Same is the case here. Completing one year is not a great achievement; but completing one year after it had been entirely deleted is something (Recovering deleted blogs).

I would like to thank all those nice people who happened to stumble across this blog and read a line or two and found it worthwhile. If any of my posts made you sit back and think about technology and how it affects our everyday lives, the purpose of this weblog has been served. I hope to write more frequently from now on, and hopefully, the writing shall get better as well. Wish me luck!

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