Jul 16, 2005

A ringtone?? (Minor Earth Major Sky)

Yes, this is a weird post on a blog that usually concerns itself with the thoughts going on in my head. I don't know about you, but I am a great fan of the Norwegian band A-ha (yes, some even call it a boyband, but I really don't care). The trio have been around for some years now, and one of their latests albums Minor Earth Major Sky's title track is one of my favourite tracks ever. It really gives me the feeling that I am floating in space, and everywhere that I look, I see this vast emptiness. It does sound crazy, I know, but then again, I really don't mind being called that. I have searched and scoured the Net for the ringtone of the track for my Nokia 3315 (an obsolete model) but turned up with nothing to show for it. So I finally, boldly, decided to compose one on my own and it goes something like this:

Minor Earth Major Sky

Nokia composer : Tempo : 56

16a2 16a2 8a2 16g2 16g2 8g2 16f2 16f2 4e2 8d2 16- 16c2 16c2 16c2 8d2 8d2 8a1 4a1 8- 8c2 8d2 16- 8a2 8g2 8c2 4d2 16- 8d2 8c2 8g1 4a1

That's it! If you are one of those rare A-ha fans who found this useful, I would like to hear from you. Leave me a comment!!