Dec 19, 2005

Creative attacks iPod kingdom

It is kind of hard for a marketer when your competition defines the market; when their brand is synonymous with the product name. And Apple's iPod is definitely synonymous with portable digital music players around the world, much like Google is for Web search. And that is exactly the predicament that Creative Technology faces when they launch their own 30 GB version of Apple's dream machine, with almost the exact same specifications.

The Creative 30 GB Zen Vision:M is almost an exact replica of iPod, and has almost the same user interface. It also features a 2.5 inch screen at 320 * 240 resolution. It is also slightly larger and heavier than iPod too, hinting that Creative has not been able to replicate Apple's finesse. It also will make your wallet lighter to the tune of $30, with a price of $329 against Apple's $299. Frankly, I don't know why someone will buy the Creative machine, when it is bigger and heavier and even costs more.


>|' ; '| said...

creative seems to have hit a dud with the zen vision, it seems..

and man, i just read ur post abt ur deleting the blog and recovering it! seems like both of us did very similar things! i never thot that i cud recover it. i recovered the whole blog from may onwards, about 2 or 3 days after i'd deleted it! they should put in some in built checks for the delete blog button. its like too easy and can happen easily accidentally!

Gry said...

I have last years 20gb Zen, and it rocks. I got it because it has a 24hour battery instead of ipods 12, and allegedly it has better sound.


Intruder said...

yup! creative do sound better, but better than iPod ? i cant say.