Sep 17, 2005

Google launches soft drinks!

Okay, what has the famous Internet search company that has been breaking new ground in Web technology have to do with soft drinks, you might ask. Well, nothing actually. If you were fooled by the title of this blog, then don't worry, you are not alone. This is just one of the harmless pranks that Google plays on the casual surfer.

Google Gulp comes in four distinct flavours, and each one is suited to a different person. The Google Gulp product line explains the flavour in words, but you really have to taste it to know what they mean. At the moment, the product is in "Limited Release" mode. So you will have to get an invitation from somebody who already has the product. (Ring a bell? Think Gmail.)

If you had your share of Google Gulp and need more, here is a few more interesting stuff that only Google can give you.

Google MentalPlex - The only search engine which can read your mind!

Google PigeonRank - Google Algorithm finally revealed (Ah, now I can get my site rank up!)

Google Copernicus Center - Get a job that can really take you somewhere - the moon, no less!

It is nice to know that a company that can provide us with such great stuff as Google Search and Gmail has a funny side to it. As they say, they are only human after all. Thank God they are!Go Google! We love you guys.

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